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So idk if it’s me or if i did something wrong.


not just my soulmate kid, i just realized everyone leaves me for bigger and better things.

I don’t blame ‘em.

Look at me.

Yeah look at you. I’ve known you for less then a day and I find you quite fascinating. The only person that I’ve found weird enough to have an in depth conversation with about soul mates.

So idk if it’s me or if i did something wrong.


Or if i’m a person, or if i’m annoying or something.

But no one ever sticks around for me.

You’re still doubting the ability of your soul mate showing up at any moment.

Still Worlds Apart (It’s just coffee) || Cy and Aurial


Aurial had no idea what her life had turned into. She had come to PA for a purpose to stop her bestfriend from making the biggest mistake of his life. How could he just out of the blue be madly in love with someone he just met. When she herself had never seen him love anything in this world. She couldn’t understand how that happened. Had Jasmine put him under some sort of spell or something? Was he cursed? 

As usual Call chose Jasmine for Aurial. He seemed to always pick everything over Aurial. Even after all the years she had stuck by his side she always came second best. Maybe this was the universe telling her it was time to stop dreaming that she’d be happy and let things that hurt her go. Call being the most important.

Like every night Aurial went on her usual run. The afternoon breeze felt delightful against her sweaty torso. Her chest pounding as she pushed herself to go a little bit faster, a little bit longer. Aurial was fit, hard as a rock. It came with the persons of running away and hunting witches for a living. Sometimes hse had the upper hand where she got to track but others she had to climb tree’s and hide in caves.

Stopping in front Java Chip she decided that was enough for today, she wasn’t going to strain herself even if she wanted to desperately to clear her mind. Pulling the glass door open she walked over to the counter. “Passion fruit iced tea with a pump of raspberry please” she ordered reaching into her back pocket and pulling out the little flat clumb of cash she carried with her.

Standing by the bar she waited on her drink. Her soft curls were pulled back into a messy bun while a grey sports bra and thighs hugged her body. Turning around she smiled as she noticed the man at one of the booths. “Cypher, right?” she asked. She had spoken to him briefly earlier before her run but didn’t quit catch his name. “I’ve been thinking of what you said and i’ve come to the conclusion that maybe you’re right” pressing her lips together she turned to look at the counter but her drink still hadn’t appeared “You know about the whole soulmate thing, about someone being there, somewhere”  

Cypher stayed in his little booth in the dark corner of the java chip staring off into space. Very much like he always seemed to be doing. His head was always working. Never at rest  or at ease. Something always plaguing his thoughts. He was like a little puzzle solving  machine. Cypher scanned the room for a few minutes reading lips and smiling. It was another thing that he’d gotten really good at from sitting in the side lines. Never really talking to anyone. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he listened in on a couple quarrel.

'People fight about the most trivial things' he thought. Not really understanding why people took things to heart so easily. It was probably his lack of communication with people that helped in his distance with various things. It brought him back to a conversation that he'd had with a girl earlier. Was there really someone out there for him. Cypher's lips turned up in a simple little smile. Of course there was. But the really question was if he'd ever have the pleasure of actually being with them.

His head just kept going on and on. Would he ever meet them? Where are they from? Are they human? Or from some other exotic planet yet to be found somewhere trillions of light years away. Cypher ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair, much like he did every other time that his head was going insane with questions that he might not ever find the answer to.

All the little turning gears that were going nuts in his head seemed to be shut down almost immediately by a familiar voice. Cypher set down his cup of coffee and looked up to greet the girl from earlier. He motioned to the open seat in front of him and smiled, “Yeah, it’s Cypher. Aurial right?” Cypher played with the lid to his cup momentarily before looking back up at the blonde. “I’m right, huh.” His eyes wandered around the shop for a moment, “What made you change your mind. Or, well, better yet. Who?”

Still Worlds Apart (It’s just coffee) || Cy and Aurial

It was pretty much just one of those days. There was nothing in particular that was wrong with him. Cypher was just a little odd sometimes. Falling into strange mood swings every now and then. All it usually took was a quick jog to clear his hand and falling asleep out in the back of the school under the beautiful night sky.

Everything about this place just had a comfortable serene feeling to it. As opposed to Pandora which was currently undergoing a severe civil war. Being stuck up there for so long, Cypher ended up seeing things that could only be imagined by the most fucked up of people. But right now wasn’t the moment to dwell on something like that. It wasn’t healthy in the slightest.

Cypher took a quick jog around the campus like he always did, deciding today that a little coffee couldn’t hurt. It wasn’t like he’d actually be falling asleep any time soon anyway. Why not have a little coffee to kick off the night of star gazing. Cypher pulled his t-shirt back over his head and made his way into the shop, walking over to the counter and ordering his coffee. God, today had been an agonizingly long day.

He took his drink and slipped into one of the nearby booths. Taking big gulps of his piping hot coffee. Wincing every time as the scorching hot liquid eased it’s way down his throat. It surprised him how easily humans drank the stuff like it was water.

Gah my two para buddies are both on hiatus


and i’m just waiting for them to come back D:

Cypher can be your temp para buddy.

I’ve spent way to many nights hoping that someday my world would change.


When you say it like that, it sounds so fascinating. So intriguing. As if its just an arms length away, like I can grab this so called infinite love. 

Wanna know a secret, ever since I was a child I always pictured my soulmate being so far away, like in china, that i’ll never meet them. 

I can make just about anything sounds fascinating. It’s a gift I guess. Guess it’s one of the perks of admiring just about everything from afar.

You wanna know a secret? Surprisingly, so have I. Feels like my someone could be living on any planet in this infinite universe. I still feel like there’s a chance that we’ll still meet. It’s meant to be right? What’s the point in having someone made for you if you weren’t meant to be with them?

I’ve spent way to many nights hoping that someday my world would change.


It sounds like a good enough idea but everyone minds. I mean you really stand back and look at the whole picture, it’s something that no one wants.

I mean i guess I’d have to find someone as fucked up as I am. and Trust me, no one on the face of this earth is as fucked up as me.

I see where you’re coming from. I know relationships need a little twists here and there but a relationship with me will just lead on a completely different road. 

There’s always that one person out there that’s meant for you. Even if it means that they’re just as fucked up.

You just can’t give up. Someone’ll come along. They’ll blow your mind and you’ll fall in love. People fight for what they want, and if they don’t want it, they’ll make an excuse. At some point someone who actually wants you will fight to the death.

I’ve spent way to many nights hoping that someday my world would change.


Well mine were slaughtered while i was near by, so it wasn’t by choice. But sometimes, you know I think it was. They chose to do the things they did and they pay for it.


I get where your coming from by my mood swings and bitchy ways will never let me get close to someone like that. I thought I did once but he ran off to be with someone simpler. Not that i blame him for it, i’d do it too if i had the choice. 

Guess you need to find someone that’s completely unaffected by your mood swings. Someone detached enough to not mind, but still there enough to care and protect you not matter what. You just have to put yourself out there until you find someone who’s exactly that.

-scuff the ground with his shoe-

Sometimes simple isn’t exactly the best thing. Every good relationship needs it’s bumps here and there. Without them, you never know how far you’re willing to go for that person you love.